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Law & Justice Degrees in Idaho

Guide to Idaho Law and Justice Degree Programs

If a student wants to find a place to get a law and justice degree, Idaho can be a unique option. This state is dominated by mountains from one end to the other. Most of the population is gathered in the Snake River Valley which runs the width of the state in the southern end. The largest city in the state is Boise, which is also the capital. This is the only city with over 100,000 people. The state has been experiencing double digit growth over the past few decades. The state’s economy is dominated by agriculture, but tourism also plays an important role. This state is well known as a snow destination. Most urban areas are within easy reach of ski slopes. More remote regions offer other chances as well.

The state’s lower population means that Idaho only has a few schools to choose from. However, there are at least 6 colleges within the state that offer law and justice degrees. For those in more remote areas, the University of Idaho in Moscow offers some classes online. There are also online degree programs that anyone can take advantage of. The state offers wide open spaces with fantastic vistas in just about any direction. Working in an urban area is not so bad when nature is just up the road. The Gem State may be calling your name.

Idaho Law and Justice Job Outlook and Salary

Due to the range of occupations, it is hard to present a decent view for every option in the law and justice field. To get an idea of what the state of Idaho offers, let’s look at working as a police officer. All levels of government employ law enforcement officers. Most degree holders will seek work in the ranks of state troopers, county sheriffs, and city patrolmen. For those with an outdoors bent, working as a forest ranger or wildlife officer might be the ticket. The options can take you to just about any part of the state.

In Idaho, the anticipated demand for law enforcement officers is expected to grow at more than double the national average. According to the Idaho Commerce & Labor, the need will grow by 28% in the next decade. While this sounds like a large number, the state’s population is smaller than most other states. This means fewer opportunities by sheer number. On the wage side of the equation, starting salaries can range from $30,000 to $32,000 per year. After a few years, an officer can expect to make around $42,000. This is below the national median, but offset by lower living costs. Smaller communities will offer less than urban areas.

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