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Trade & Vocational Schools in Idaho

Guide to Idaho Trade and Vocational Schools

Idaho contains its fair share of trade and vocational schools for students to attend. Entering into a vocational or trade school is becoming increasingly popular as it becomes harder for students to pay for all of the costs that are associated with a four year college education. The skills that a student can learn in a trade school will benefit them for life. Physical locations for schools in Idaho include ITT Technical Institute, Milan Institute, and Apollo College. For those who require the flexibility of online schooling, their options include Baker College Online, American Sentinel University. Either option will provide you with innumerable benefits.

Regardless of which option you choose, the coursework that you are required to undertake will be dependent upon your chosen field of study. There are a variety of specializations that one can choose from within each field. Common fields of study in trade schools include masonry, horticulture, plumbing, photography, computer technology, and nursing. Whichever school you do decide to choose, it is important to select a career that you will enjoy working in. Additionally, with some career fields, you may be required to undergo an apprenticeship before you are allowed to work independently in that field.

Idaho Trade and Vocational Job Outlook and Salary

After you have graduated from your program, you can expect to enter your field in an entry level position. This is not necessarily a negative thing. It is simply a stepping stone for you to accumulate experience and seniority in your field. As students gather experience and move on towards higher paying jobs, there is a constant need for recruits to fill their shoes. Many vocational school graduates choose to open their own businesses. There are a wide variety of job opportunities if you know how to look.

Your salary is going to be proportionate to the amount of complexity and difficulty that your job requires. For those who become self employed upon graduation, their income will be dictated by their willingness to work and their dedication. An electrician can expect to make approximately $44,000 a year while a cosmetologist may only make $24,000 a year. An electrician will make more money because of the increased difficulty and complexity of his job. It is possible to have career advancement within the blue collar industry. However, you may have to receive additional schooling. If you are seeking a higher annual salary within your field, you may have to choose to go back to college to receive your bachelor’s degree.

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