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Business Degrees in Illinois

Guide to Business Schools in Illinois

Business schools are plentiful, both in Chicago and elsewhere throughout the state. There is no limit to the various schools and programs that can be found. Since Illinois is so focused on promoting its diverse economy, you will have no trouble finding scholarships and financial aid for your business education so long as you know where to look. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Elgin or Skokie, because business schools and programs are available to you. Even if you can’t find a community college or business college in your area, you can take online courses that are sure to land you the career of your dreams.

Illinois is not only home to Chicago, one of the major cities in the U.S., but it is also home to more than 11,000 financial institutions and corporate headquarters for financial services. The home state of Abraham Lincoln is known for more than just Chicago. It is a business and finance leader, boasting its reputation for manufacturing, agriculture, warehousing and distribution, technology, and other industries. There is a very diverse economy in Illinois, which creates the perfect place to obtain a business education and find business careers after graduation. International business and trade is a popular major, as are finance and human resources. The hourly productivity in Illinois beats the average U.S. worker by $0.35 per hour, and you can become part of that productive workforce with a business education.

Illinois Business Job Outlook and Salary

Average salaries are quite impressive for those in the business industry. While executives and upper management will easily see six figures or more in their lifetime, the average salary for accountants sits around $43,000. Human resources administration averages about $41,000 annually. This, of course, is an average and indicative of the experience and education that each employee has received. An MBA graduate in Illinois is going to see far more earning potential than someone who completed an associate’s program.

Business careers and schools in Illinois are going to offer a productive future for more and more people as the economy grows and as more people reach retirement age in their professions. Although no one is predicting a shortage of business professionals any time soon, the jobs still outweigh the number of graduates seeking them, which makes business school a great career choice for anyone looking for a little more security in their future. Advanced degrees are going to yield more opportunity, but basic degrees will still provide you with the skills to find work throughout the state.

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