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Cosmetology Schools in Illinois

Guide to Illinois Cosmetology Programs

Illinois is a fantastic state to live in, and it has a plethora of cosmetology programs available for students to attend. If you are looking for such a degree in this state, you may want to attend a place like Empire Beauty Schools, Regency Beauty Institute, Tricoci University, or Vatterott College. Through a simple round of courses, you could be certified to work in an array of fields all related to cosmetology. If a physical degree program does not fit your needs or lifestyle, you may look into a program from an internet based university. You could choose to go to Lincoln College of Technology, the Minnesota School of Business, or Globe University.

Getting certified in cosmetology will allow you to work at beautifying people on a regular basis. To do that though, you have to seek the proper training. You must spend time taking the courses that are specific to your future career. Such courses may revolve around nail care, skin care, hair care and the like. Your training program will only cover part of your overall education though because there will come a time when you have to get trained by your workplace. Every position requires a bit of new training just based on the products that the company uses.

Illinois Cosmetology Job Outlook and Salary

After you go through all of the necessary education, you will be happy to know that there should be a cosmetology job waiting for you. A growing population is the main reason for that. For one, there are more people and thus a higher demand for services. Also, there are more businesses opening up, which in turn lead to more available positions. You should have no issue at all in securing a job. As the need to maintain a pretty face reigns supreme in this country, you will have a job.

The amount of money that you earn in cosmetology will vary greatly. The average for this field sits at $10.25 an hour, factoring in tips and commission. However, because tips are a big factor in pay, there are immense opportunities for you to make far more than that. You may earn $20 an hour or more if you play your cards right. The key will be establishing some regular customers that always tip you well. The more that people like you, the more you will make. Working at an upper-end salon will also do wonders for your earnings, so start applying to such places as soon as possible.

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