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Engineering Degrees in Illinois

Guide to Illinois Engineering Schools

Illinois is one of the many states in the U.S. that takes engineering very seriously and needs it for their economic success. There are many different schools to choose from when you choose to pursue engineering in this state, including Northwestern, the University of Chicago, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. However, there are also technical schools and vocational programs, as well as many other traditional colleges and institutions that offer educational resources to students of all ages and disciplines. Chicago is where many of the great engineering schools and jobs will be found, but other areas of the state can offer the same opportunity with less congestion and fewer people.

Illinois engineering schools provide the start for a great career for anyone that is looking for engineering programs. If you’re not able to attend a traditional college, you can even consider online programs which will allow you to get an education when and where it is convenient for you. This makes it much more accessible for some people to go back to school when they might never have had the chance before. Whether you choose online schools or typical colleges for your engineering degree, once you have it you can guarantee that it will take you far. Get your bachelor’s to start off on the right foot and then pursue further education to increase your opportunities and your potential earnings down the road.

Illinois Engineering Job Outlook and Salary

The job outlook for engineering in Illinois is quit solid. The state is known mostly for agriculture, but engineering and other technical careers are quite popular thanks to Chicago and the surrounding areas that need the workers. The average household income in Illinois is just over $45,000 while engineers average more than $85,000 annually depending on their discipline, education, and experience. In Illinois, aerospace and nuclear engineers will make the most money, while petroleum, computer hardware, and biomedical engineers will follow closely behind.

The job opportunities abound and the salaries are substantial compared to the low cost of living outside of Chicago. You will pay more to live in Chicago and the greater metro area, but you will also find better positions and higher salaries for engineering jobs here than anywhere else in the state. All in all, the engineering industry in Illinois might not be the nation’s best, but it does have plenty to offer and a hopeful future for those who are just beginning their education in engineering.

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