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Law & Justice Degrees in Illinois

Guide to Illinois Law and Justice Degree Programs

Illinois ranks fifth in population among the United States. The state is dominated by its northeastern city of Chicago. But the state is also home to many excellent public and private colleges and universities. These are scattered among the rural and urban areas of the state. For those seeking law and justice degrees, there are dozens of schools to choose from. When technical schools and community colleges are added, the number almost doubles. The state offers degrees at all levels including law doctorates.

The state of Illinois has one of the largest inland ports in the US. The third largest city in the country is Chicago. This city lies on the edge of Lake Michigan and its port is a link to the Mississippi through the Illinois River. The city of Chicago is the major economic center of the state. Almost two thirds of the state’s population lives in the counties in and around the Chicago metropolitan area. Cultural opportunities are well represented within this urban core. There are smaller cities and towns throughout the state. The state has experienced slow growth over the past few years. Rural populations have been shifting to more urban and suburban areas. The state is still an agricultural player but its economy has stretched into the manufacturing and services realms as well. The state is expanding its economy significantly into energy production. How can the Land of Lincoln help you with your degree dreams?

Illinois Law and Justice Job Outlook and Salary

For career options in the field of law and justice, the state of Illinois can offers a wide range of opportunities. To get an idea of what the state has to offer, let’s look at police officers for an example. Officers just starting will generally make from $28,000 to $30,000 per year. After a few years, an officer can make around $65,000. This runs above the national median. The differences in salary in Chicago compared to smaller communities is marked however. The cost of living in and around Chicago demands a higher wage. Smaller cities, towns and rural communities will offer significantly less in salaries.

Illinois’ demand for law officers is expected to grow 12% in the next decade. That information comes from the state’s Department of Employment Security. This is slightly above expected national average of 11%. Most growth is anticipated around Chicago and the larger suburbs that surround it. With the shift of rural populations to more urban areas, options in smaller communities will not be as abundant.

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