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Guide to Illinois Massage Therapy Degree Programs

The fifth highest population in the country resides in the Midwest state of Illinois. Most of this population huddles in the northeast corner around the city of Chicago. A state of this size provides several options for those wanting to get massage therapy training. Most opportunities reside in Chicago or its suburbs however. A couple of schools make their home in the southern part of the state however. For everyone, online classes give plenty of opportunities.

This state provides a diversity of economy and people. However, there seems to be two sides to the state. The first is Chicago and its suburbs. The second is the rest of the state. While many smaller cities and towns are place all around the state, they pale in comparison to the Chicago metropolitan area. The Chicago metropolis is home to a diverse population and several large corporations. A full two-thirds of the state’s total population makes their home here. The rest of the state has a rural feel to it. Even the state capital of Springfield is not an urban center. Rural populations are moving to the smaller cities however. Where can the Land of Lincoln take your massage therapy dreams?

Illinois Massage Therapy Job Outlook and Salary

Illinois provides options for those with massage therapy degrees. Most opportunities lie around Chicago or the smaller cities such as Springfield. The state’s slow rate of population growth translates into a slower demand growth for therapists. The Illinois State Department of Employment Security projects that the state will experience a 17% growth in demand for massage therapists over the next decade. This is slightly below the projected national demand growth of 20%.

For those therapists just getting out of school, most available work would be part time. Those working independently find it will take time to gain a steady client list. Therapists can expect to make around $16,000 - $18,000 in the first year or so. With some years of experience and a good client list, the figure can rise to around $35,000. For those practicing around Chicago, the average salary will be higher. A higher cost of living offsets this though. Those in smaller communities will make less but have a lower cost of living. The state does require massage therapists be regulated. This falls to the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulations Massage Therapy Licensure board. Candidates are required to pass the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork exam or other approved exam. Once licensed, they are required to gain additional education every two years.

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