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Business Degrees in Indiana

Guide to Business Schools in Indiana

Indiana has plenty to offer those who are seeking a business education and career in the state. Technology and business are leading industries, and Indiana is ranked in the top 10 entrepreneurial states. The low cost of living and high quality lifestyles that can be found in Indiana are what draw people to the state, while the jobs and growth are what keep them there. Degrees that are popular in Indiana include business and information technology, management, finance, and network technology. The state is also known for its low state business taxes, low electricity costs, and affordable workers’ compensation costs.

Getting a business education in Indiana is sure to lead to many more lucrative jobs than you might expect. Although many states have a pro-business attitude, few are as successful at creating new jobs and keeping a low cost of living as Indiana has done. While you might not be making six figures in the heartland like you would in California, you will also have a lower cost of living that allows you to enjoy more of life and work because you enjoy it, not because you absolutely have to. Consider an MBA degree for the best chances of earning potential in business fields, but don’t discount the use of a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in business-related careers, either.

Indiana Business Job Outlook and Salary

Business and technology rule this state, and with so many things to offer, it’s no wonder that leaders in the biosciences industry like Zimmer, Eli Lilly and Company, and Biomet call Indiana home. It might not be California or New York, but there is still plenty of business opportunity in this rapidly developing and consistently innovative state. A business degree at the associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s level can garner great jobs with top-rate companies. Through 2014, there is a projected growth of more than 26% for information systems managers and computer-related business jobs.

Indiana is known as a powerhouse of multiple industries, and has a very pro-business and pro-technology environment that is conducive to business education of all kinds. Finding business schools and careers here is definitely not going to be an issue, regardless of whether you are in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville, or any of the other major cities within the state of Indiana. What about the average salaries for business jobs? Computer and information system managers average around $73,000 while financial analysts can expect to earn an average salary of $51,000.

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