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Cosmetology Schools in Indiana

Guide to Indiana Cosmetology Programs

Thinking about getting certified to be a cosmetologist? If the answer is yes and you feel like studying in the state of Indiana, you do have options. First, you might opt to bypass the classroom completely and get a degree online. That can be done through the Minnesota School of Business, Lincoln College of Technology or Globe University. This is a great option for students with busy schedules because they can form a program to fit their study availabilities. Perhaps you don’t learn well on your own like that though. If that is the case, then Empire Beauty Schools or Regency Beauty Institute will be your choices in Indiana.  

Once you select a school in Indiana to attend, you will be swept off into training. That training will largely depend on what you want to do as a career. A skin care specialist will obviously have a different set of job requirements when compared to a hair stylist. Thus you will take the classes that are appropriate for your future line of work. Training usually only takes a year or two, and right afterwards you can go out and find a job. At said job, you will get additional training that will be specific for the company you work for.

Indiana Cosmetology Job Outlook and Salary

The job outlook for the cosmetology field in general has been positive for awhile now and is expected to remain so for the coming years. It is so positive that it actually sits higher than the projected growth for all jobs in the nation. As the population continues to grow, the demand for almost every service goes up. Cosmetology is included in this. The increase in demand makes it easier for you to obtain a job, especially at an entry level. Upper level jobs will be fraught with competition, but those will come in time.

What you make in the field of cosmetology will greatly be influenced by the amount of tips that you earn. Thus if you get a decent set of customers behind you, you will be more likely to make a decent living. As the average stands, most people in cosmetology related fields make around $10.25 an hour after tips and commission work. For commission, you might earn money by selling certain products in your field of work, based on a percentile of the overall price. In some salons, you can make a killing just from the products that you sell.

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