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Culinary Arts School in Indiana

Guide to Indiana Culinary Arts Degree Programs

Do you like to cook? Or are you interested in one day running a restaurant? If so, you might want to participate in a culinary arts program at one of the educational institutes in Indiana. Indianapolis is basically the center for such learning, with degree options available in the Art Institutes, and the International Business College. A hybrid degree program, where some traditional courses are taken and some online courses are taken, might be a good option if you want to have some flexibility in your schedule.

You can find several different courses to choose from as a culinary arts major. It’s just a matter of what you want to study. You may find a good number of classes in pastry art, where you learn how to bake well, use the pans needed for such a job, and decorate with fine precision. You may also take courses that fit the complete opposite end of the spectrum, learning how to run a restaurant from top to bottom. Core courses like math, English, and science, are all going to be required no matter what area of focus you get into. Just be prepared to go through those.

Indiana Culinary Arts Job Outlook and Salary

You should be able to get a range of positions after obtaining a degree in culinary arts. There is a great opportunity for growth in the field as more people are now eating out at restaurants instead of cooking at home. High end restaurants have seen a spike in attendance based on a recent increase in household incomes. Lower end restaurants have seen a spike too, just because people are looking for a quick fix during their busy work schedules. The more prestigious job you want though, the more competition you have to face, so availability will be limited in upper-end jobs.

The pay scale for someone in a culinary job will be dependent on the position that the person holds. For instance, a general manager at a restaurant may see a salary of around $42,000 a year. A food and beverage director, on the other hand, might see annual earnings that exceed $70,000. The leap in pay is just based on the skills needed for a job and the amount of competition there is for the position. The fewer jobs there are available for a position, the higher the pay will likely be.

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