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Engineering Degrees in Indiana

Guide to Indiana Engineering Schools

Indiana, to many people, isn’t known for a lot. Most people think of it for farming and agriculture, as well as manufacturing. However, engineering does have a place in Indiana, and nearly 100 schools are located here to offer the best education for engineering students who have chosen to study in the Hoosier State. The economy in Indiana has grown and changed in recent years, providing both educational opportunities and career choices for those who choose engineering as their profession. What draws many people to Indiana for their education is a chance to have the best education for a nominal cost since the cost of living is lower.

Colleges and universities offer top rate engineering programs for less, allowing people to get a much better education than they might think possible when they come to Indiana. Of course, everyone is well aware of Notre Dame, which has a stellar engineering program, but there are many other schools to choose from. Indiana actually attracts more students from out of state than all but three other states in the U.S., earning it the nickname of the ‘brain bank of the Midwest’. Start with your bachelor’s or technical degree and go from there to get on with your engineering career. Remember that higher degrees and further education will only serve to improve your options for careers and salaries in the future.

Indiana Engineering Job Outlook and Salary

As the economy in Indiana is diversifying and trying to find new ways to ensure stability, steel manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and petrochemicals are becoming popular industries in the state that once relied only on agriculture and the service industry to get them through. The cost of living is relatively low, and chemical engineers will enjoy the many opportunities that they are given from the growing pharmaceutical industry in this state. There are plenty of jobs for other engineers, as well, including aerospace engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, and engineers who hold technology-related certifications.

The average salary for engineers in Indiana is $70,000. Of course, chemical engineers can expect closer to $82,000 annually, while electrical, electronics, and environmental engineers will make around $76,000 annually on average. Considering that the cost of living is low and the median household income in Indiana is less than $50,000, this is significant for engineering professionals. Although it might not be Massachusetts or Texas, where engineering is a big deal, Indiana does have a relatively productive market for engineering and a hopeful future for growth and expansion within the industry.

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