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Graphic Design Schools in Indiana

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development ranks graphic design occupations as one of the in-demand fields in the state. Graphic design schools in Indiana can help forge a solid career for creative individuals who want to work as professional artists. As a graphic designer, you might work on a number of campaigns to help spread a company's message. Your skills may be needed in print media, advertising outreach or multimedia operations. Graphic design courses in Indiana can give your artistic talent a practical edge. Instruction in Web design and development are among the topics you'll study at graphic design schools in Indiana. The flexibility of online graphic design schools in Indiana help aspiring designers who are already busy with existing obligations. Associate's and bachelor's degree programs, as well as certificate programs, are available through graphic design schools in Indiana. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employers generally look for prospective employees who have four-year degrees. Graphic designers already employed in Indiana earned a mean wage of $38,780, according to 2009 data from the BLS. By 2018, a nationwide 13 percent growth isprojected for the field of graphic design, adding more reasons to register for graphic design courses in Indiana.

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