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Nursing Schools in Indiana

Guide to Indiana Nursing Degree Programs

Applying in any of the Indiana nursing schools is a great idea if you want to pursue a career in nursing. Indiana provides an excellent environment for would-be nurses. Aside from the aging residents who need medical care, the average age of nurses in the state is also getting older. This means that new nurses are needed to replace older ones who are set to retire in a few years’ time. But the best reason for starting a nursing career in Indiana is the number of top notch hospitals in the state. In 2009 alone, three local hospitals made it to the list of top hospitals for critical care. These are the Community Hospital in Munster, Indiana University Medical Center, and St. Vincent Indianapolis Hospital.

Moreover, graduates of Indiana nursing schools can look forward to a very active and supportive community of professional nurses. Foremost among these groups is the Indiana State Nurses Association which has been responsible for all registered nurses in the state for over 100 years now. Its thrust is to promote nursing as a profession and to protect nurses in the workplace. The state also has the biggest multipurpose nursing school in the US. Indiana University runs eight campuses that allow it to prepare high caliber nurses that will meet the healthcare needs of the state.

Indiana Nursing Job Outlook and Salary

But just like other places in the US, Indiana suffers a big shortage in nurses. While Indiana nursing schools are posed to serve the nursing needs of the state, too few students apply for nursing studies. In other words, anyone who takes up nursing in college and becomes a registered nurse can look forward to a job market that has a very wide opening. More and more nurses are needed as more people in Indiana grow older and require healthcare services.

Healthcare service providers have even come up with novel ideas to attract and retain nurses in hospitals and other health facilities. Many foundations have set up scholarship programs to encourage young high school graduates to take up nursing in college. There are even loan repayment funds that will pay for college loans made by deserving nursing graduates.

As healthcare services are being expanded and the population is growing old, the shortage in nurses is expected to worsen. Graduates of Indiana nursing schools can enjoy higher starting salaries that can go for around $23.64 per hour on the average. Sign in bonuses and other perks are also common for experienced nurses.

Additional Nursing Schools in Indiana

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