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Job prospects for teachers in rural areas are expected to increase over the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With this in mind, pursuing a teaching degree in Indiana could be a way to launch an educational career in a state known for its rustic farmland and Hoosier hospitality. More than 31,000 elementary-level teachers and more than 21,000 high school teachers are already employed in Indiana, reports the BLS. With more than 40 universities offering some 76 campuses across the state, you are likely to find many options when considering teaching programs in Indiana. Your curriculum should include the basics in teaching strategies and philosophies, and you will likely be required to choose whether you want to teach elementary, middle or high school students. To complete a bachelor's degree, the minimum requirement to teach in most states, you will likely need to teach in a supervised setting. Many teaching degrees are offered through traditional brick-and-mortar settings, but you may find programs that offer online teaching degrees in Indiana. Elementary school teachers working in Indiana earned a mean wage of $47,540 and high school teachers working in the state earned a mean wage of $45,810, according to 2009 BLS data. Teachers can choose many paths to reach their educational dreams, and online teaching programs in Indiana are among the most flexible and convenient paths.

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