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Instructional Technology Degrees

Your online resource for Instructional Technology Degrees and Career Information. A career in instructional technology is going to provide many rewarding job opportunities to people who seek them in the next 10 years. As things become more technology based, the need for teachers to bridge the gap between education and computer use is going to increase. This will rise slightly faster than the national average for occupational growth, at about a 14% increase over the next decade. Professionals gain their experience by learning instruction methods, computer science and information technology, and a variety of other courses that can help in the position at hand. Instructional technology degrees are available from many different educational resources, and take anywhere from 2 to 4 years to complete, depending on the level of education desired. More education will always elicit better paying positions, which is true with any career. Those who choose careers in instructional technology can choose careers teaching with their own technology-based methods, or teaching educators who need more technology in the classroom. There are training positions available, as well as administrative positions in the technology sector of public and private schools.

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