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Your online resource for Interior Design Education and Career Information. In today's economy, picking up and buying a new house is often times not an option; what can be an option, however, is updating the current house with a fresh look, and for a job like that people look to interior designers. The field can be competitive, but a fashionable point of view paired with the right college degree can be your ticket to a successful career. Visit our extensive listings of online interior design schools & degrees, interior design jobs & careers, interior design salary information as well as interior design bachelor degrees, interior design associate degrees, interior design certificates and diplomas online or at a campus nearby. If you're not sure where to start, see our overview of types of interior design programs & degrees.


Ever since our ancestors begin constructing homes in which to live, interior design has played a very important role in society. Maximizing limited space, beautifying our surroundings, and making our living/working surroundings functional is crucial both for our sense of well-being and for our overall efficiency. This was as true many millennia ago as it is today. In fact, because our offices and homes are infinitely more complex than any thing we may have had centuries earlier, interior design is arguably more important today. Thus, if you have the requisite training and certification to help companies and individuals improve their working and living spaces, you should enjoy excellent career growth prospects.

The Importance of Interior Design Training

Interior design is not the same thing as interior decorating. Your job will involve knocking down walls, installing light fixtures, rearranging rooms, rewiring electrical systems, installing HVAC units, building staircases, and numerous other labor intensive duties. Not surprisingly, this particular profession is regulated and requires certification and licensing. As such, perspective interior designers must attend accredited schools and then pass their state-specific exam before they can begin practicing professionally. Because you are changing the structural integrity of buildings, it's important that you fully appreciate and understand the physics, engineering aspects, and circuitry requirements necessary to produce safe (but aesthetically pleasing) designs. This is especially true in areas that suffer from earthquakes, tornadoes, high winds, monsoons, hurricanes, and other natural phenomenon that might occasionally threaten the exterior and interior of homes and offices.

It is worth noting that as world populations continue to rise, demand for interior designers should also increase. Real estate is becoming more and more expensive, so maximizing space will become increasingly important as today's society marches into the future.

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