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International Law Degree

Your online resource for International Law Degree and Career Information. International law is a specialty field within the lawyer industry for people who want to travel the world and practice law. Students who want to gain an international law degree will state with a bachelor's degree in pre law studies. Then, an application to international law will be completed. Programs in law are very selective and students need to have the best GOA and LSAT scores possible, along with a strong college transcript. The best applicants will be the ones with diverse backgrounds and internships or previous work experience in legal fields. Courses taught in international law include international communication, human rights, global economics, language courses, and international relations. The program for the international law degree is focused on preparing students for a career on an international level, which is very different from any domestic career that might be obtained. Programs will include international internships and/or study abroad programs as well, to help students gain experience in other countries. This career is highly selective and only for the best of the best, but does offer job opportunities to those who are qualified enough to get an international law degree.

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