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Art & Design Degrees in Iowa

Guide to Iowa Art and Design Degree Programs

Iowa is a great state to live in as theaters, scenic views, museums, festivals and fairs abound within the state. Among the many things to do in Iowa is to earn an art and design degree. This can be done through a variety of venues as both online and traditional opportunities are available. You may find degree programs at Vaterott College, Kaplan University and more. It just depends on what you want to learn and what means of education you are looking at to get the degree through.

In terms of the courses that you will have to take as an art and design major, those will be based on what specialty you choose to go into within the field. There are a number of programs to choose from, including Graphic Design, Interior Design, Fashion, Landscape Design, Architecture, Illustration, Independent Art, Film, Multimedia and more. The courses that you take will give you the skills specifically needed for the program you are enrolled in. You will obviously have to attend the core courses as well, such as math and English, but those will not take up too much of your time in school.

Iowa Art and Design Job Outlook and Salary

There is a predicted expansion in the field of art and design, so there should be an array of job opportunities out there for you upon graduation. The number opportunities will obviously be derived from the specific position you are getting into. Some jobs will have a greater growth than others. Overall though, there should be openings available within the industry, and you won’t have to worry about that at all if you are self-employed. Many art and design majors go that route anyway because it leads them to more money in the long run. It just takes a little bit to get started.

Earning potentials are everywhere in art and design. If you own your own firm or studio, you can get paid on a per project basis. Assuming that you are skilled in your craft, this could lead to a lot of money very quickly. Some people in the field only earn $30,000 a year, but others reach five figures or more. It just depends on the clients you can work with. As long as you find people to buy what you are selling, you could be quite prosperous with a degree in art and design.

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