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Business Degrees in Iowa

Guide to Business Schools in Iowa

To many, Iowa elicits only thoughts of rolling fields and agriculture. However, there is much more to the state than just farming. In fact, attending business schools in Iowa can prove to be a lucrative career choice for those who choose it. The state actually boasts its own highly educated workforce that is productive and growing steadily. There is convenient transportation, plenty of raw materials, and a government that supports the state’s business environment fully. There are many growing sectors in Iowa that offer future careers for business school graduates, including biosciences, advanced manufacturing, financial services, information, and technology.

Earning an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, or MBA in business-related fields is very useful in Iowa, including the areas of administration and management. Business schools in Iowa offer top-rate education in finance, accounting, business management, administration, and other fields within the business industry. There are possibilities for growth and career success after education in Davenport, Cedar Falls, and many other large cities within the state. Even just for the agricultural sector, there are a multitude of business jobs available as well. Business careers are found in many different types of industries within the state of Iowa, and anyone who chooses this as their destination for a business education can guarantee that they will find career success.

Iowa Business Job Outlook and Salary

With well over 81,000 employees and growing, Iowa has seen much growth in recent years. The insurance industry has grown over $254 million and there are more than 6,000 insurance and financial service companies that are based in the state of Iowa. IT services has more than 2,000 businesses located in Iowa, as well, making plenty of room for business graduates of all kinds.

The average earnings for financial managers is reported to be around $81,000 annually, while the salary for insurance agents reaches over $40,000 annually. These wages are dependent upon years of experience and the level of education of each employee, of course, but can be achievable by anyone with the right business education and the drive to succeed. The state supports its business sector fully, and is constantly looking for ways to improve existing jobs and companies and to bring in new ones so that the workforce can keep moving forward and remain on the cutting edge of financial services and business industries. That’s a lot more than most people expect from a state that usually makes them think of rolling corn fields and nothing else.

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