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Criminal Justice Degrees in Iowa

Guide to Iowa Criminal Justice Schools

Iowa is far better known for cornfields than for criminal justice, but they do have plenty of secondary education options for people who seek them. Iowa criminal justice schools include programs that are offered through vocational and technical programs, as well as online courses. You can even find many traditional colleges and universities that offer criminal justice degrees to students of all kinds. With so many fields of study within the criminal justice discipline, there is sure to be something for just about everyone seeking an education in Iowa.

Iowa criminal justice schools can be whatever you want them to be. Online programs will offer more flexible and accessible classes for those who can’t put their lives on hold to get a degree. Technical schools are great for a fast education in a hands-on setting, or if you only need a short education before you start your career. For full training or the typical college experience, the many colleges and universities in Iowa are waiting for you. It doesn’t matter what you choose, because you can get your degree and start on your career today by choosing criminal justice schools in Iowa.

Iowa Criminal Justice Job Outlook and Salary

Iowa is known primarily for agriculture and business, but they do have a diverse economy that provides opportunity for many different professional careers. With your criminal justice degree, you can find some great careers in Iowa that are sure to suit your goals. The economy is getting more stable and things are improving. Plus, the criminal justice industry itself is growing nationwide, which is great for everyone considering a career in the field.

Iowa professionals in criminal justice earn a decent living by state standards. The cost of living here is low, and like most Midwestern states, the quality of life is very good. Professionals that work in the legal field can earn about $64,000 annually, but this includes all occupations in this field. Lawyers will bring in around $93,000 annually, while aides, assistants, and paralegals will earn around $43,000 for their skills. Those who pursue careers in enforcement through protective services positions can expect to earn $36,000 annually on average. More will be paid to those in administrative and positions that require further education or more training. With all the options, the decent salaries, and the vast array of school options available in Iowa, it seems to be a great choice for anyone who is pursuing a degree and career in the field of criminal justice.

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