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Nursing Schools in Iowa

Guide to Iowa Nursing Degree Programs

If you ever decide on pursuing a career in nursing, you can take up college in any of the popular Iowa nursing schools. Iowa can provide you with a good environment where you can learn the finer points of being a professional nurse. On top of the schools, you can also work for some of the best known medical facilities in the state and gain top caliber experience. One excellent hospital is the Trinity Regional Medical Center, which is considered as a leading edge facility for heart and vascular healthcare. If you want to focus on surgery, then St. Luke’s Hospital can give you top notch training as it is one of the best hospitals for surgical operations.

As Iowa nursing schools churn out the newest nurses in the state, active nursing organizations promote the various interests of the nursing profession as a whole. The Iowa Association of Nurse Practitioners, for instance, is pushing for better recognition of the role of advanced practice nurses in delivering healthcare services to patients.  Meanwhile, the Iowa Nurses Association and the Iowa Nurses Foundation Scholarships offer scholarship grants and loans to attract more individuals to take up nursing studies in college. Many of these professional organizations also help by providing information about open opportunities and mentoring programs to help students.

Iowa Nursing Job Outlook and Salary

Still, even if there are several Iowa nursing schools, the state experiences a shortage in registered nurses. Just like in other parts of the US, a huge percentage of Iowa’s nurses are becoming older. Young replacement nurses are not enough to cover the increasing number of aging folks who need healthcare services. In other words, more nurses are needed, which could only mean a huge opportunity for newly registered nurses.

Many healthcare providers in Iowa are now giving incentives to high school graduates who take up nursing as a course in college. Before you even earn your bachelor’s degree in nursing, you can already enjoy some of the perks that are specially provided to the nursing profession. Many nursing organizations offer financial aid to deserving students.  

After rigorous training at Iowa nursing schools, new nurses can look forward to a rewarding career in the state. According to salary information site Payscale, registered nurses can expect a salary that can go for around $46,000 annually or approximately $21.33 an hour. This is just the basic figure. Additional bonuses and perks are in order for experienced and highly specialized nurses.

Additional Nursing Schools in Iowa

Iowa Wesleyan College Division of Nursing
Mercy College of Health Sciences
The University of Iowa College of Nursing
Upper Iowa University Nursing Program

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