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Paralegal Schools in Iowa

Guide to Iowa Paralegal Degree Programs

If you are thinking about getting some sort of education in paralegal studies, now is as good of a time as any. The requirements of the job are ever changing as paralegal assistants begin to pick up more tasks that were once assigned to lawyers. Getting a good education will allow you to fulfill the new needs of this law based job, and it will also help you become qualified to work for an esteemed firm. There are many locations for schooling to choose from in Iowa, but all of them hold branches of Kaplan University. This school also offers a degree program entirely online so students can get their education right at home. Other online institutes to look into would be Colorado Technical University Online or South University.

Once you have chosen a school to go to, you will spend anywhere from two to four years trying to get your degree. That depends on whether or not you are looking to get a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s. Most employers will not require you to have more than an associate’s degree, but it might be nice to have the baccalaureate to set yourself apart from the competition. With that in mind, you might also look at student organizations to get involved in as they always look good on a job resume.

Iowa Paralegal Job Outlook and Salary

In the state of Iowa, the amount of jobs coming available for paralegals is on the rise. This falls in line with what is happening throughout the entire nation. There are a large number of employers who are pushing the jobs of their lawyers onto paralegals because paralegals are less costly to employ. Couple that with an expanding job market as a whole and you have the makings of some great career opportunities. There will be competition though, so always be on top of your education and chances for career advancements.

Entry level workers often make less than $40,000 a year as paralegals. There are those that earn more though, and really it all depends on where you can get hired and how long you have been employed elsewhere. Some government employees in the Federal Executive Branch earn close to $60,000 a year, which is a substantial improvement. Those are the jobs that are fraught with competition. There are annual bonuses available for most every employer, so you should see higher earnings than you might think. Look into your options today.

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