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Your online resource for Juris Doctor Degree and Career Information. Juris Doctor degree programs are designed to help prepare students for practicing law in the real world. A JD program is not able to be completed until a bachelor's degree in law is obtained. Then, the student must be admitted to the JD program and pass the appropriate exam. The student can also consider an SJD or a science related degree for research purposes. Juris Doctor degree programs also must be obtained by those who have met GPA and LSAT requirements. This is a highly selective field of study, and not everyone is going to get in. The positions are reserved for those who are going to succeed in their Juris Doctor training and be able to go on to become successful lawyers. Any student who doesn't demonstrate top-rate abilities isn't going to make the cut. Lawyers are in high demand these days, due to an ever increasing population and the number of people who are in need of legal help on a regular basis.

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