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Art & Design Degrees in Kansas

Guide to Kansas Art and Design Degree Programs

Dorothy isn’t the only thing in Kansas. Art and design schools are there too! Indeed, you can find a lot of different ways to study art and design in the state of Kansas. Online colleges are very easy to get into, and they offer the same type of training that a traditional university would. You can also opt to go into the classroom for a degree, or you can work in a hybrid program that allows you to do a bit of both. It just depends on your learning style.

You will have to take courses, like math, English and science, which may not seem to match your degree. This is just a set of core curriculum that is required for every major across the country. The basics should be over within your first couple of years in college, and then you can move on to those which are specific to your specialty. This will allow you to develop skills that are needed for your career. You can look into programs like Graphic Design, Photography, Fashion, Theater, Interior Design, Illustration, and more. As long as you have a drive to create, there’s an art and design degree out there for you.

Kansas Art and Design Job Outlook and Salary

Kansas might not be a hub for art, but it is expected to see growth in the art and design industry for the coming years. If you earn your degree in the field of your choice, you should enter the work force with a lot of opportunities ahead of you. Some jobs may grow more than others, depending on modern trends and the economy. How much your particular position expands will be the result of many different factors.

Most people who get a degree in art and design end up working on their own by starting a firm or studio. There are those that work for museums and pre-existing firms, and they typically get paid on an hourly basis. People that are self employed normally work on a project basis for the most part, where they get paid after completing a task for a client. How much you earn will depend on the way you get paid and the career you are in. Skill level and client availability will also be factors in your annual earnings. Some people make between $30,000 and $60,000 a year, but others make well in the $100,000 range. Your potential is only as limited as your drive to succeed.

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