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Business Degrees in Kansas

Guide to Business Schools in Kansas

Kansas has a lot more to offer than just farming, much to the surprise of most people. Kansas is best for a business administration degree, and an MBA will once again garner better wages than a bachelor’s or associate’s degree. If you simply want to get ahead in the workforce, you can do that with the help of a bachelor’s degree in finance, sales, marketing, or human resource management. These fields are all going to provide lucrative careers that you can count on, and adding an MBA to them will serve to offer more promotions and higher salaries.

Business schools in Kansas are plentiful, including vocational schools, community colleges, and traditional colleges and universities. There are also a variety of online courses that can be taken to obtain a business degree for the specific career that you have chosen. Whether you are going to school in Wichita, Overland Park, or any other city, you can guarantee that you will find the jobs that you need once you have completed your education.

Kansas Business Job Outlook and Salary

Business and financial companies in Kansas employ over 50,000 people and have an average hourly wage of more than $22. Personal finance advisors earn an average of $45 an hour while management analysts can earn about $25 to $30 an hour. The state has made a name for itself with lower healthcare costs for employers and some of the lowest workers’ compensation rates in the United States. The Pollina Corporation actually ranked Kansas in the top ten most business friendly states in 2006, and not much has changed since then. Companies like Sprint/Nextel, Embarq, and Payless Shoe Source have their headquarters in Kansas, which guarantees at least a few thousand business-related jobs even if there were nothing else.

Within the state, agriculture is also a major industry, making way for plenty of business jobs in the agriculture sector as well. Management and administrative positions are most popular, with financial and accounting positions following close behind. From farming to manufacturing and more, there is always a need for business professionals. Whether you want to work with a particular type of business or if you just want to use your education to the best of your abilities, you can trust that you’ll have little trouble finding a way to use your degree in Kansas. From certificates to MBA programs, there are schools by the dozen along with plenty of career options for those students who pursue the business path for their future.

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