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Human Resources Degrees in Kansas

Human resources schools in Kansas provide the education and training needed to enter the field as a well-qualified candidate. Human resources is an exciting, dynamic discipline filled with opportunities for people of all backgrounds. Human resources degrees can be obtained through campus-based or online HR classes in Kansas. HR assistant positions comprise the bulk of entry-level opportunities. These positions require only a high school diploma or its GED equivalent, and, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, HR assistants earned a median annual salary of $35,750 in May 2008. At mid-level, you'll find various specialists in the areas of employment and placement, compensation and benefits analysis, training and development and employee relations. Specialists typically need a bachelor's degree with a concentration in human resources administration or human resources management. HR schools in Kansas offer these specialties, among others. Compensation differs per specialist type--human resources, training and labor relations specialists, a typical mid-level career, made a mean annual wage of $59,070 in May 2009. At the top level, you'll find management positions. More advanced human resources degrees in Kansas may be required to qualify for managerial careers. HR managers earned a mean of $89,480 in May 2009. HR degrees in Kansas are the ticket to a well-paying career.

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