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HVAC Technician Schools in Kansas

With cold winters and hot, humid summers, Kansas offers plenty of opportunities for heating, ventilation and air conditioning technicians to provide year-round services. No matter the frigid temperatures or wilting heat outdoors, Kansas offices, homes and facilities all need comfortable conditions indoors where people work and play. HVAC technician schools in Kansas can provide expert training and guidance of the technical skills and expertise needed to land a job in the field. If you're a busy parent or working adult, the added flexibility and convenience of online HVAC technician schools in Kansas can help you start a new career. HVAC technician courses in Kansas can lead to undergraduate degrees and professional certifications, giving you a range of educational and career options, from apprenticeships to EPA--Environmental Protection Agency--certifications for handling refrigerants. HVAC technician programs in Kansas offer hands-on studies in refrigeration, mechanical systems and heating and cooling systems. The HVAC field is also one of the few skilled trades where students can earn a bachelor's degree. The State of Kansas predicts that job openings for HVAC professionals in theJayhawk State will increase by 15.7 percent between 2006 and 2016. Salaries vary based on training and experience. In 2009, the statewide mean annual wage for HVAC mechanics and installers was $42,610.

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