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Nursing Schools in Kansas

Guide to Kansas Nursing Degree Programs

One of the things that you should do first, if you are planning to become a nurse is to look for good Kansas nursing schools. Apart from having several universities that offer nursing programs in the Sunflower State, the need for nurses in this part of the US is at an all time high. Besides, there are many hospitals in Kansas, particularly in its key cities such as Kansas City, Topeka, and Wichita. These areas are good places to work in because of their good reputation and excellent facilities. Some of the renowned hospitals include University of Kansas Hospital, Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, and C.F. Menninger Memorial Hospital in Topeka.

Furthermore, the nursing community in Kansas State is not only supportive to new nurses but it is also quite active in promoting the welfare of nurses and nursing students in the state.  Kansas State Nurses Association, which is a recognized member of the American Nurses Association, gives direction and voice to registered nurses in all of Kansas. Meanwhile, the Kansas Association of Nursing Students provides seminars and other activities that will help students of Kansas nursing schools to become excellent future leaders of the state’s health industry.

Kansas Nursing Job Outlook and Salary

Health care providers, particularly nurses, are in high demand in the state of Kansas. In fact, about 2,100 registered nurses are needed in Kansas City alone, according to the Kansas Department of Labor. So, if you are looking for a college degree that will help you earn a lot of money and a bigger chance of getting hired after you graduate, you should really consider getting a nursing degree from one of the many topnotch Kansas nursing schools.

You would not have problems about financing your studies if you do intend to become a registered nurse. There are many private and government agencies that are sponsoring scholarships and grants in order to encourage more people to take nursing studies. With the help of the Nursing Student Scholarship Program, many individuals who qualify in private and state Kansas nursing schools can seek financial aid.

In order to make the nursing profession more attractive to people in Kansas, there have been moves to make the working environment in hospitals and clinics better and safer for health workers. Moreover, there have also been moves to offer nurses better compensation so they would stay in their jobs. In Kansas City, a nurse salary can range from $55,900 to $67,900. In Wichita, the salary can be between $53,300 and $64,700.

Additional Nursing Schools in Kansas

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Fort Hays State University Nursing Department
University of Kansas School of Nursing
Wichita State University School of Nursing

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