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Cosmetology Schools in Kentucky

Guide to Kentucky Cosmetology Programs

If you are looking at a cosmetology program in Kentucky, The Hair Design School – An Empire School is going to be your only option. Luckily, there are three locations that you can go to for your studies, and at any of them you can get a diploma in cosmetology or nail technician. Upon graduation from the program, you will go into some hands on training from your future place of employment. Beyond the classroom though, you might want to look at getting your certification online. Since the degree options are limited in the state of Kentucky, the internet opens up the door for new places to study through. You could choose to go some place like the Minnesota School of Business, Globe University, or Lincoln College of Technology.

The courses that you take during your training will all depend on what you wish to go into outside of education. You could choose form work in nail care, hair care, skin care, and other beauty based professions. Training should take less than two years, and many programs can be completed in nine months. That will give you a good overview of modern techniques and requirements, and then you will have to obtain a license from the state.

Kentucky Cosmetology Job Outlook and Salary

There are a lot of opportunities for you to get a job in the field of cosmetology. If your education covers more than one sector of the field, you will have a greater chance of getting hired because of your versatility. The fact is that the industry is expanding because more people are becoming concerned with the way they look. Add this to a growing population and you have a positive job outlook for the future. Once you secure a job, you will go through the additional training you need to work within the company, using their products and abiding by their overall regulations.

You will find an assortment of earnings for people in the field of cosmetology. That is because these people are working for tips and commission, both of which come in varying amounts. If you are good at your job, have a good client base and work in a high end salon, you will earn a lot more than you would working at a barber shop. Your place of employment is, however, a matter of personal preference. If you fit the average earnings for the country, you might make between $8 and $14 an hour after tips and commission.

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