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Human Resources Degrees in Kentucky

Human resources schools in Kentucky offer the necessary training for a solid human resources career. Human resources is a constantly evolving field with innovative and diverse opportunities. You can work towards a degree by enrolling in one of the many campus-based or online HR schools in Kentucky. Human resources assistant positions are entry-level roles that require at least a high school diploma or its GED equivalent. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, HR assistants earned a median annual salary of $35,750 in May 2008. Individuals with higher, bachelor's-level HR degrees in Kentucky--degrees with a concentration in HR management, training and development, HR administration and organizational development, among others--comprise the bulk of HR specialists. Accredited HR schools in Kentucky provide this concentrated training and education, allowing graduates to qualify for an assortment of specialty positions. Compensation, benefits and job analysis specialists, a typical career for bachelor's-level professionals, earned a 2009 mean annual salary of $56,470, according to the BLS. People with HR master's degrees in Kentucky better qualify for management positions. The BLS reports that HR managers in Kentucky earned a mean annual wage of $84,620 in May 2009. HR degrees in Kentucky are ideal for a rewarding, lucrative career.

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