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Law & Justice Degrees in Kentucky

Guide to Kentucky Law and Justice Degree Programs

Kentucky can be an urban dream or a rural homeland. It is all up to the person pursuing a law and justice degree there. And the state offers many opportunities for those interested. The state has a rich history from the earliest days of the Union. It was the second state to join after the original thirteen came together. Agriculture is a major economic contributor but manufacturing also contributes a great deal. The state’s population has remained steady with slight growth in the last few decades. Much of the state has retained its agricultural past but urban areas thrive with a modern style.
Degrees in law and justice can be found in many areas of the state. There are dozens of universities and colleges that offer classes towards such a degree. The University of Kentucky is a good place to start. The institutions of higher learning can give you degrees from associates up to law degrees. The state offers options for rural, small towns as well as large urban opportunities. As a place to live, Kentucky can be very attractive with a lower cost of living and a more relaxed pace. What can the Bluegrass State offer you?

Kentucky Law and Justice Job Outlook and Salary

To get an idea of what Kentucky offers for those with law and justice degrees, take a look at what a police officer. Kentucky offers diverse places to be an officer. The land devoted to parks and forests need both state and federal rangers to patrol them. The state roads are the purview of state troopers. The one hundred and twenty counties need sheriff’s deputies and the local towns need officers. All of these sworn officers provide protection for their communities.

On the wage scale, the starting salary for officers in Kentucky can range from $25,700 to $28,000 annually. After a few years, an officer can expect to make around $37,000. This is significantly less than the national median but it is offset by a lower cost of living. Smaller communities usually offer less than urban areas. In the state, the need for law enforcement officers is expected to be slightly higher than the national average. According to the Kentucky Department for Workforce Investment, the need will grow by 13% within the next eight to ten years. The national projected average is 11%. As with other states, demand will be higher in urban areas.

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