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Agriculture is a driving force in Kentucky's economy, and value is placed on farmland and rural areas. When this is coupled with Bureau of Labor Statistics information indicating growing job prospects for teachers in rural school districts, it shows that completing one of the many teaching programs in Kentucky and launching a career in the state could be a one way to earn a living and make a difference. Kentucky is home to a vast post-secondary education network, including nine public institutions and even more private schools. With so many options for higher education, there are many opportunities to earn teaching degrees in Kentucky. Programs offering online teaching degrees in Kentucky create even more prospects for those wanting to enter the growing education sector. Completion of one of the many teaching programs in Kentucky, either on campus or online, should prepare you for licensure or likely teach you how to effectively manage a classroom and help children learn. More than 20,000 elementary-school teachers were employed in the state and they earned mean wages of $47,350, according to May 2009 BLS data. More than 12,000 secondary-education teachers were employed in Kentucky and they earned mean wages of $49,470. Earning a teaching degree in Kentucky can help you launch a rewarding career, but also could be financially rewarding.

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