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Liberal Arts & Humanities

If you're interested in education and research positions, a liberal arts education provides a solid foundation. In fact, liberal arts schools offer degrees in virtually every area of interest. Here's what you can look forward to when you go for your liberal arts training.

In an ideal world, your college years are spent earning a well-rounded degree that will afford you maximum opportunity in a variety of growing fields. Believe it or not, that world already exists. Liberal arts degrees are becoming increasingly popular with employers for several good reasons. First, liberal arts schools prepare graduates for success by developing communication and interpersonal skills. Second, liberal arts training is a unique combination of technology and critical thinking that many specialized degrees lack. Finally, liberal arts degrees are applicable in virtually every area of professional endeavor.

In a world that touts the benefits of specialization, liberal arts degrees go against the grain. The philosophy at work here rationalizes the advantage of a solid foundation to which specialized training can then be applied. Courses in liberal arts include languages, philosophy, psychology, communications, computer skills, and history. Upon completion of two years of core studies, you are then free to choose a major that best represents your interests and talents. The liberal arts discipline offers degrees ranging from two-year associate- to four-year doctoral-level.

In the profession world, liberal arts training can be applied to a host of challenging professions. Some of these include graphic design, social and human services, occupational therapy, marketing and advertising, and sales and management professions across the board. While salary varies in each of these fields, the value of liberal arts degrees will translate into a solid earnings base. So don't restrict your potential by earning a degree in a highly-specified field. Leave your options open with a liberal arts degree.

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