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Art & Design Degrees in Louisiana

Guide to Louisiana Art and Design Degree Programs

Louisiana is home to some of the greatest musical movements the country has ever seen, but it is also home to anther creative resource: a number of art and design institutes. If you live in Louisiana and want to obtain such a degree, you can choose to work through an online university or a traditional classroom setting. For the traditional approach, ITT Tech or Herzing University may provide ideal places to study. Where you seek your degree can be based on your schedule, transport options, and budget, but somewhere along the way you should find something that is just right for you.

The course work that you may find in a degree program for art and design will range greatly, depending on the path you choose to take. Some degrees focus more on technological interaction, and some simply encourage students to bring out their inner creativity. You may choose electives and upper division courses that are in line with your career interests, and it is possible to develop a minor in a certain sub-field of pursuit. The core curriculum of math, science, English and history will likely be required no matter what you go into, so be prepared to go through those courses.

Louisiana Art and Design Job Outlook and Salary

There is a positive outlook for jobs within the field of art and design. The nation as a whole is expected to see a growth of 16% within the field, but numbers in Louisiana may fluctuate right around there. How many opportunities open for your job specifically will be based on the need for the position at the time. If by 2016 a giant new museum opened up, there would obviously be a need for a staff to manage the place. It is quite possible that there will be little jobs open at all. Only time will tell. Given that you follow the path of 62% of art and design graduates by becoming self employed, you may just have to move your business until the client base emerges.

Your earning potential as an art and design major will vary widely because there are a range of careers held within the field. Independent Artists can make a substantial income if their work is good or the clients are there, but the classic “starving artist” mentality still reigns true for other people. You might see $60,000 a year, but there’s no way to truly ensure that.

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