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Cosmetology Schools in Louisiana

Guide to Louisiana Cosmetology Programs

Getting your diploma in cosmetology may not be as hard as you think. Blue Cliff College offers three different locations in the state where you can get all of your training. You can also go through Remington College, which is located in Baton Rouge. If, however, you have a schedule that doesn’t suit the constraints of a physical degree program, you could also look into getting a degree from an online university, like the Minnesota School of Business, Globe University, or Lincoln College of Technology. With such a problem, you could actually get some form of certification right from your home computer, all the way up to an associate’s degree in cosmetology.

When looking at the courses that you take for your cosmetology training, you should find them in some sort of theme. That theme will follow the type of job you want to get once you finish your training. Some areas of focus may be nail care, hair styling, skin care, and massage therapy. There are others out there though. You can get as high as an associate’s degree in cosmetology, and that would be a two year program. There is also the option of just taking a normal certification program, in which case training would commence for 9 months.

Louisiana Cosmetology Job Outlook and Salary

The job outlook for cosmetology positions in Louisiana is quite positive. The fact is that a lot of people out there right now are highly concerned with the way they look. Thus they seek the help of people within this particular field. As the population expands, more of these people begin to surface and the result is a higher demand for people just like you. After you get your license, you should have no issues at all in securing a position in cosmetology.

The bulk of your earnings may very well come from your tips, not your base pay. On average, people in this field earn $10.25 an hour after factoring in tips and commission. With that said, you can always earn a lot more, assuming you have the customers to back you up. You have to put yourself out there in this industry, and in doing that you end up with a greater ability to earn money. If people like you, they will tip you well. It’s as simple as that. Pay close attention to your training and don’t shy away from creativity. Then you should be all set.

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