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Criminal Justice Degrees in Louisiana

Guide to Louisiana Criminal Justice Schools

Louisiana is home to LSU, among many other colleges and universities. If you are seeking a career in criminal justice, you can rely on many Louisiana criminal justice schools to help you get the education that you desire. There are so many different opportunities out there and you should be able to find just about anything that you need. It doesn’t matter if you have a specific field of study in mind, or even if you just want to work in criminal justice but aren’t sure quite where. From traditional colleges to technical schools and even online programs, you can find everything that you need in Louisiana.

Take the time to check out the options that you have. Choosing a school is important because you need the right education to reach your goals of career success. It doesn’t matter how much education you want or need, because there are programs that last a few months to programs that last several years. You can study to become a legal aide or even to become a police officer. The criminal justice world has something for just about everyone, and it’s up to you to get the education that you need to make your career count.

Louisiana Criminal Justice Job Outlook & Salary

Louisiana’s economy is still recovering from the hurricanes that it faced in the early part of the 2000’s, but there is plenty of hope. With careers like criminal justice, the positions are necessary in order for laws to remain intact and for cities and states to avoid being taken over by chaos. Therefore, finding criminal justice jobs in Louisiana is possible, although it might require more work than you expect. In the future, things are going to improve, both for the state and for the industry, allowing you to find the best careers when you’ve got your degree and are ready to start looking.

Louisiana criminal justice careers pay pretty well considering the comparison to the cost of living in the state. Legal careers average about $69,000 annually, with lawyers easily averaging more than $93,000 for their skills. Legal aides can earn about $40,000, as can paralegals and other legal support positions. Those who choose enforcement careers and protective services positions will earn an average of $35,000 to $65,000 for their skills, depending on the exact career that they choose and the education that they have. All in all, Louisiana seems to be a good place to get your criminal justice education and career since there’s plenty of future opportunity and not a lot of competition yet in many places.

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