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Graphic Design Schools in Louisiana

If you are creative and have good visual communication skills, consider entering the growing field of graphic design. Graphic design schools in Louisiana offer exciting opportunities to gain skills in the fields of design principles, desktop publishing, printing, studio art and Web design. There are a variety of graphic design schools in Louisiana that offer two-year associate's degree programs, quickly opening the doors to assistant positions in fields such as application development, multimedia production, printing and publishing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, however, indicates that most employers look for candidates with traditional four-year training--graphic design schools in Louisiana offer these four-year bachelor's degrees as well. Because of the added dimensions of flexibility and convenience, online graphic design schools in Louisiana are very viable options for students with prior personal or professional commitments. Graphic designers already working in Louisiana earned a mean wage of $36,440, according to May 2009 data from the BLS. Nationwide, more than 200,000 individuals are already employed as graphic designers. By 2018, the BLS projects national employment opportunities for graphic designers to increase by 13 percent. Take advantage of these opportunities and explore more benefits of graphic design degrees in Louisiana.

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