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Law & Justice Degrees in Louisiana

Guide to Louisiana Law and Justice Degree Programs

Louisiana has grown from a solely agricultural economy to a diverse mixture. This bodes well for those looking to gain their law and justice degree. The state boasts dozens of public and private colleges and universities. Many of them can help give students the classes and knowledge they need to gain a degree in law and justice. Options are available from associates all the way through to a doctorate in law. These types of degree programs are recognized nationwide. Online classes can be found from many institutions.

Louisiana is a unique state is so many ways. The state was originally a French colony that was controlled by the Spanish before being turned over to the US. It is home to many descendants from the original French settlers. The Cajuns and Creoles have had a marked influence in the state of today and yesterday. It is the only state that is divided into parishes rather than counties. The city of New Orleans was devastated in 2005 by Hurricane Katrina. It is making a slow but steady recovery. The rest of the state has rebounded better. The Port of South Louisiana is the fourth largest port by volume in the world. It is a transfer point for product coming down the Mississippi and from the Gulf of Mexico.

Louisiana Law and Justice Job Outlook and Salary

The field of law and justice offers a wide variety of careers within the state of Louisiana. It is not possible to offer a comprehensive study of each one in this venue. To get an idea of what the state offers, let’s look at police officers. The state’s demand for law enforcement officers is expected to be twice that of the national average. The projections say it will be 22%. This is according to the Louisiana Department of Labor. The national average is 11%. As in many other states, most growth is expected around the urban areas. In this state, that includes New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

As far as wages go, the starting salary can range from $20,000 to $24,000 annually. After a few years, an officer can expect to make around $32,000. This is far below the national median values. Smaller towns and rural communities will usually offer even less than this. The number of jobs available will provide opportunities in many areas of local, county and state government. The ports also provide employment chances as well.

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