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Massage Therapy Schools in Louisiana

Guide to Louisiana Massage Therapy Degree Programs

Louisiana is shedding its rural image. Its agricultural past is emerging to a diverse economy. For those looking for a massage therapy degree, this state holds a great deal of promise. The state provides several options for taking classes. Moreover, these classes convene all over the state from New Orleans to Baton Rouge. For those not inclined for the larger cities, online classes offer training to fill the gap.

Louisiana is unique among its forty-nine counterparts. Many of the state’s institutions come directly from its French past. When the French sold it as part of the Louisiana Purchase, they gave away a gold mine. Much of the population can trace ancestry back to the original French settlers along with Acadian refugees. The Cajuns and Creoles make their mark on the state’s culture both today and yesterday. Parishes, not counties, mark divisions within the state. New Orleans is making a slow but steady recovery from the devastation of Katrina in 2005. The rest of the state was not nearly as affected. The state’s Port of South Louisiana boasts the fourth largest volume of all the ports in the world. This port receives cargo going up and down the Mississippi.

Louisiana Massage Therapy Job Outlook and Salary

Louisiana provides massage therapists with many places to choose from to begin practice. The major cities of Baton Rouge and New Orleans are good places to start. College towns and smaller cities provide options as well. The Louisiana Department of Labor expects the state will experience a 34% growth in demand for massage therapists over the next decade. This is well above the national average growth projection of 20%.

For those therapists just getting started in Louisiana, most available work would be part time. Those doing the work independently find it will take time to build a steady client base. Therapists can expect to make around $13,000 - $15,000 in the first year or so. With some years of experience and a good client base, the figure can rise to around $23,000. This is well below the national median of $34,900. The state’s cost of living however is much lower than the national average as well. The state regulates massage therapists through the Louisiana Board of Massage Therapy. A candidate must pass either a state oral and written exam or the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork exam. Those licensed must get additional training each year to maintain licensure.

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