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Trade & Vocational Schools in Louisiana

Guide to Louisiana Trade and Vocational Schools

It doesn’t matter what background you come from in life – each person will require the services of a blue collar worker at some point in their life. If you are interested in providing these services to other people, then a trade or vocational school education could be ideal for you. Louisiana has a variety of community colleges and trade schools that offer a wide variety of degrees, such as Remington College and ITT Technical Institute. For those who need a greater variation of flexibility in their class scheduling, there are plenty of options for taking courses online. The list of these schools includes American Sentinel University, and Baker College Online.

The common course load for a program in your chosen field will mostly likely include courses on basic subjects, such as math, English, and science. There may also be classes on safety regulations and procedures. Most vocational school programs are designed to give a student hands on experience. Often times, a student may be required to undergo an apprenticeship in their chosen occupation before they are allowed to work independently in their field. The length of this apprenticeship will be determined by the complexity of the specialization you have chosen within your field.

Louisiana Trade and Vocational Job Outlook and Salary

There is a projected increase in the amount of jobs that will be available in blue collar fields within the next ten years. The services that most blue collar jobs are essential in providing the foundation of American society. As the economy slowly improves, more and more people are finding the discretionary income that is necessary to pay for these services. Despite what your chosen career field may be, there is a high probability that your profession will be affected in a positive manner.

There is a wide variance within the field of blue collar jobs when it comes to the salary that you can expect to draw from your chosen profession. In addition to your profession, the amount of experience and seniority that you have in your field will affect the amount of your annual salary. For example, a recently apprenticed plumber could reasonably expect to make $12,000 to $16,000 the first year of their job. However, a seasoned plumber will make, on average, $49,000 to $52,000 a year. For those who chose to become self employed, there is virtually no limit to the amount of income that he or she can make. It is important to choose to a career path that you will enjoy working in for a number of years.

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