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Your online resource for LPN Licensed Practical Nurse Education and Career Information. The LPN licensed practical nurse position is one that takes about a year of education, depending on previous experience and education that is held. If someone took courses for CNA licensure in high school or through a vocational postsecondary program, they might need less training to become an LPN. These professionals provide care to patients under the supervision of RNs and physicians. Their duties include collecting samples, giving injections, monitoring treatment, and other similar tasks. Additionally, the LPN is often responsible for supervising nurse assistants and aides and developing care plans and taking care of administrative tasks. The education taught to the LPN licensed practical nurse includes chemistry, medical measurements and mathematics, communications, medical ethics and professionalism, and related courses. Due to the growing demand of nurses in the country, LPNs have many career options once their training and education is completed. The LPN can provide careers in hospitals, assisted living facilities, doctors' offices, and other healthcare settings.

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