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LPN to BSN Nursing

Your online resource for LPN to BSN Nursing Education and Career Information. The LPN to BSN transition typically involves three years of education beyond what is already held by the student. This career change is often chosen by students who needed to get a degree and get to work, but now want to further their careers. Classes are generally flexible and offered through community and online colleges and universities so that students can work while they learn, allowing them to further their career without taking time off to go back to school full time. The LPN to BSN nursing program will focus much more on nursing science and theory, as well as medical business, ethics, and leadership training so that better positions ban be obtained in the future. A licensing test for the BSN certification is required by all states, and is a simple test or examination for an RN license along with further education to increase skills and knowledge. Careers with a BSN can include everything from RN positions to administration and everything in between.

LPN to BSN Nursing Schools