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LVN to BSN Nursing

Your online resource for LVN to BSN Nursing Education and Career Information. The LVN to BSN transition is actually two different career jumps that include 3 years of education beyond what is already held by the student. This transition can be made in one seamless leap, bypassing the two-year RN certification completely. However, if work is needed in the meantime, the one year to RN can be completed and then certified with the NCLEX-RN examination before continuing on to the BSN education and examination, which takes two years from the RN degree stopping point. When students and professionals make the transition from LVN to BSN, they are making a transition for more leadership roles, more responsibility, and better paying careers that allow them to make a bigger difference in the world. Once a BSN is obtained, nurses can find work in hospitals, assisted living facilities and nursing homes, and even in administration and management positions because of their extensive training in operations and procedures that comes with the BSN course. LVN to BSN nursing will offer plenty of job opportunities now and into the future, with a projected growth of 23% for RN positions into the next decade.

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