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Guide to Business Schools in Maine

Choosing business schools in Maine does have plenty to offer. Even for those who are skeptical about the available options, there is plenty to be found. The overall tax structure in Maine is most favored by businesses and residents alike, and the focus on renewable energy is driving companies to move here to save money and the environment. Getting an associate’s, bachelor’s or MBA in business administration, international business, human resources, or finance and accounting is going to give you the leg up that you need to start your new career in Maine.

In the past decade, businesses have invested billions of dollars in to the state of Maine, and the government has been giving back just as much. Everyone is working together as a collective to create a better business economy, and there is no time like now to pursue your business education and get yourself in the running for a successful and rewarding career in business. Maine has more opportunity than you might think, and its future is looking bright when it comes to the business sector and jobs within that industry. Business schools in Maine can be the first step to career success, and there are certainly plenty to choose from. MBA degrees are great for landing a job in general management or operations management, while other degrees will better serve other job positions.

Maine Business Job Outlook and Salary

Management professionals earn an average of $77,000 a year in Maine, which is well above the average salary in many other states. Administrative positions and international business careers can be just as lucrative, and top level executives can easily reach over $100,000 annually with experience and the right degree. If you ever thought that Maine was the worst place to be a business person, you thought wrong because it is actually among the best in the United States, and certainly is one of the best in New England.

When you think of Maine, you probably think of lobstermen and fishing as the primary careers and businesses in the state. However, Maine is very serious about its business environment, with many different opportunities for companies to start businesses and grow their companies in Maine. The Finance Authority of Maine has more than 20 different programs for financing capital for small businesses, including up to $500,000 investments. Also, there is a newly created $60 million economic development package that allots $45 million to research and development facilities, encouraging businesses to come to Maine.

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