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Massage Therapy Schools in Maine

Guide to Maine Massage Therapy Degree Programs

Maine can be a surprising destination for some. This state seems to stick up from the northeast corner of the country. Originally, the state was part of Massachusetts. During the War of 1812, the area became a battleground for both US and British forces. However, the settlers to this region called for independent statehood. This became law in 1820. The state’s population is showing slow but steady growth over the past few decades. Maine is a major transportation hub for products coming out of Canada as well as the state itself. The state’s economy centers on agriculture and tourism. Major naval shipbuilding also contributes significantly to the economy.

For those seeking a degree in massage therapy, the options are not great in this state. One school in Sanford operates along the coast. Online degree programs provide options for those in other areas of the state. The best places to setup shop cling to the coastlines as well. There are resorts sprinkled inland that may provide jobs as well. The coastline is craggy and rolling. The inland gradually moves upward to the upper limits of the Appalachian mountain chain. The interior is heavily wooded and an outdoorsman’s dream. Over half of the state is Unorganized Territory. This is a stretch of land governed by the state only. What can the Pine Tree State do to help you realize your massage therapy dreams?

Maine Massage Therapy Job Outlook and Salary

Maine provides a challenging environment for massage therapists. Like many New England states, population growth has slowed down over the past few decades. This translates to a lowered level of need for many professionals including massage therapists. The Maine Department of Labor expects that the state will experience a 14% growth in demand for therapists. This is below the projected national average demand growth of 20%. Most opportunities will come along the coastline cities such as Portland and Bangor. Some resorts provide options at times.

For those therapists just getting out of school, most available work would be part time or at spas or resorts. Those doing the work independently find it will take time to get a steady client base. The best options will go where the majority of population lives such as Bangor, Lewiston, and Portland. The state of Maine regulates therapists through their Department of Professional & Financial Regulation. Candidates are required to pass the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork exam.

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