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Your online resource for Marine Mechanic School and Career Information. Marine mechanics are a specialty group of professionals. Their certifications allow them to work on all types of boats and marine vessels, which is in high demand in the coastal areas of the country. The training and education focuses on the operation of outboard mechanics and inboard small engines that are specifically created for boats. Those who complete formal training programs will have excellent job prospects in the future. While many mechanics used to learn on the job or as an apprentice, the new technology is demanding a higher standard for professionals who work on marine engines. These courses are available from manufacturers or distributors and take about 2 weeks to complete in this format, while a typical postsecondary course will run up to six weeks or longer depending on the chosen course. In addition to marine mechanic school training, extensive hands-on experience is required in this profession. Trainees can easily spend 3-5 years in a novice apprentice position before they are qualified to work on their own as a marine mechanic.

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