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Art & Design Degrees in Maryland

Guide to Maryland Art and Design Degree Programs

Maryland is a wonderful water-driven state fueled by the beauty of the Chesapeake Bay. Though most people there may spend their time out on a boat crabbing or fishing, there are those that look for a more creative way to spend their time. Those people undoubtedly turn into art and design majors. There is an array of educational opportunities available for such students, so you can find either an online or traditional program that will give you the tools to succeed in life. Get an education right from home, or go out to learn. It is all up to you.

The courses you may encounter for an art and design degree program will be based on the specialty you seek out. Each major will have a focus, and each focus will have a new degree requirement sheet. The sheet for Architecture is vastly different than the one for Graphic Design. Thus you will only know what you are taking once you delve into the requirements of a specific university. You can almost guarantee that courses like math and English will be taken no matter what though as those are set up on a national level. Your upper division courses will be the ones that fluctuate.

Maryland Art and Design Job Outlook and Salary

You should be able to find a great deal of positions available to you once you earn your degree in art and design. The U.S Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates a 16% growth for the industry over the course of the next 7 years. Whether your particular career falls in line with that average can only be seen through time, but chances are there will at least be some sort of expansion in the field. You should have no issue in getting a job, especially if you choose to go the self employed route. That is the path that most students take.

Base salary for people in the field of art and design usually sits around $60,000 a year, but that number could fluctuate greatly based on the type of position that you obtain. With a degree in art and design, you may wish to work as a Graphic Designer, Interior Designer, Illustrator, Photographer, Art Historian and more. Your earnings will be the result of which path you go into and how prosperous that particular career is within the state. You may get paid on an hourly basis, or your pay could be given on commission. That will also influence how much you earn.

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