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Business Degrees in Maryland

Guide to Business Schools in Maryland

With online courses and plenty of traditional colleges and technical schools, Maryland has something for every business student. If you don’t want a traditional college education or if you are looking to fast track your career, you can consider other options and get your degree quickly. Degrees in business administration, management and financial services will be your starting point while earning an MBA will only further your career success. Although no one can guarantee work in today’s world, Maryland definitely provides a wealth of opportunities that business graduates can capitalize on.

Maryland has a per capita income that is the 4th highest in the entire country, and it remains consistent year after year. The state of Maryland is known for being a leader in financial services, trade, and transportation. Today, the state declares itself a leader in the new economy, which basically centers on their focus on telecommunications, biotechnology, defense, and aerospace. Given all of this information, you’ve probably already guessed that attending business schools in Maryland can be a good choice for your future. There are so many different types of business here and so many different disciplines that you can work in, which makes it diverse and popular for all types of business people.

Maryland Business Job Outlook and Salary

T. Rowe Price, Legg Mason, Vertis, and Lockheed Martin all call Maryland home, and are all Fortune 1000 companies. There is only about 8.2% of the population that live below poverty level, which beats the national average by about 5%. The sturdy economy is sure to provide many jobs for business graduates of all kinds now and into the future. Maryland also has the benefit of being close to Washington, D.C. and New York City, which can make for easy commutes to bigger and better jobs outside of the state. No matter what people are looking for, there are business jobs to be found in this region.

The Maryland averages for pay are relatively high, as well. Financial managers, for example, are earning an average salary of about $82,000 annually, which is well above the national average. Maryland has many business schools from Baltimore International College to  Columbia and more. You can choose to study and work in Baltimore, Bethesda, Columbia, or many other cities throughout the state that have business jobs available. As far as land area, Maryland might be small, but the opportunities available to business graduates are quite large.

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