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Cosmetology Schools in Maryland

Guide to Maryland Cosmetology Programs

Maryland is known for its beautiful views, but what about its beautiful people? If you want to make a difference in the way people look in Maryland, you might want to consider going through one of the state’s cosmetology programs. You have several to choose form, and all of them will equip you with the skills needed for the career. For a traditional program, you could look into the Baltimore School of Massage, Empire Beauty Schools or Medix. If your schedule or transport options won’t allow you to attend classes though, you could also consider getting a certification online through some place like the Minnesota School of Business, Lincoln College of Technology, and Globe University.

Once you select the type of program you want to go into within the state of Maryland, the next step is obtaining an actual education. Since this is not a degree program per se, you will not have to endure courses that a college student would. Instead, you can receive specialized training that is directly related to the field you want to go into. Whether you wish to work in nail care, skin care, massage therapy, or any other derivatives of cosmetology, there’s a program out there for you. Further training will also be provided at your place of employment.

Maryland Cosmetology Job Outlook and Salary

The job outlook for cosmetology is good. There are a lot of positions opening up, and there are more businesses emerging as well. You can find jobs in a variety of shops and companies, and there should be little trouble in securing a position. There is a growing population right now which has sparked a rise in demand for people in cosmetology. That rise has been met by an expansion in the vanity of the world overall as more people strive for physical perfection. That is something that cosmetology can aid in providing.

As for what you might earn in this field, that will largely be based on the tips you end up earning. A lot of salons may start you off at minimum wage because you do have the opportunity to get tips and potentially earn commission for products that you sell. For Maryland, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2016 the median hourly wage for people who work in this field was $12.31 and the average hourly wage was $15.07, but that number can be higher depending on your clientele and work environment. Securing a place at an upper-end salon may be hard to do initially, but you should be able to do so with experience.

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