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Engineering Degrees in Maryland

Guide to Maryland Engineering Schools

Maryland has a lot of technical schools. They are the richest state in the United States with an average household income of $65,000. The economy is very diverse and does quite well for itself. Government work, service, and commercial fishing are the primary industries, but engineering is a big deal as well. Engineering education is taken very seriously in Maryland, and there are 34 private and 29 public colleges and universities that offer engineering programs for interested students. There is Johns Hopkins University, of course, which is also the single largest employer in the Baltimore area and known for its medical and research opportunities.

Maryland engineering schools come in other shapes and sizes, as well. You can find technical and vocational programs to get a quick crash course in engineering, as well as a variety of online programs that allow you to train on your own time and in your own home so that you can get the education that you need without rearranging your life. In Maryland, engineering and other technical jobs take precedence and your bachelor’s degree in computer hardware or aerospace engineering can easily start you out in the six-figure range of income. Higher degrees and further education will only increase these rates and your potential job opportunities.

Maryland Engineering Job Outlook and Salary

Maryland has a very solid economy that is constantly growing and changing. The engineering industry is one of many that continue to thrive and project growth into the next decade or two. The current average salaries for engineers of all kinds are going to increase as the demand for their skills increases, allowing anyone to find a very stable job in a very stable economy. Keep in mind that the cost of living in Maryland is significantly higher than other states, as are most East Coast states. However, you are also in close proximity to Washington, D.C. and Virginia, which makes commuting a possibility for better career options.

In Maryland, engineers averaged $91,870 annually in 2008 alone. Nuclear engineers brought in $114,000, computer hardware engineers averaged $101,000, and aerospace engineers were earning an average $110,000. The exact salary that you will get depends on your experience and education level, but having that engineering degree will definitely get you in the running for some of the most well-paying jobs on the Eastern Seaboard. Plus, when you work with government engineering jobs which are plentiful in Maryland, you will also enjoy an array of benefits and perks for being an engineer with the government. Private sector jobs are also easy to find, and can offer just as many perks.

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